Lightfingers is now up on Lulu.com to buy as a paperback.

Wow. That’s strange.

I mean, it’s one thing to publish an e-book. I download long fic as e-books to my Kindle all the time. I sent earlier drafts of Lightfingers there from word. I am used to reading not-officially-published stuff on my Kindle.

But paper is a whole different ballgame.

I wonder if many people will buy it…



I like to think that I’ll always remember last night, coming home from a ukulele lesson on my crutches (long story) and thinking, it’s been 6 hours, maybe Amazon will have passed Lightfingers for publication and idly checking my phone, because, who knows?

And there it was, available for purchase.

As of 1pm today UK time I have sold 13 copies of my book via Amazon’s US, UK and Canada sites. I have also created the DRM-free PDF and have sent it to all of the £2 backers of my Kickstarter who favoured PDF as their preferred medium. Epub and mobi to follow along with the paper copies.

And here I am, a published author.

I tell you what, it’s a damn good feeling.

Lightfingers is currently available for purchase at:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Spain

Amazon Italy

Amazon Netherlands

Amazon Japan

Amazon India

Amazon Mexico

Amazon Brazil

Wow that is a lot of Amazons…

Lulu copies to follow!

And so it begins….

Three years ago I completed the first draft of my first ever NaNoWriMo novel, Lightfingers. Then I started rewriting.

A little over a year I submitted the Lightfingers maunscript to the Harper Voyager unagented open submission. I got pretty far, falling out of consideration only when numbrers had dropped from 5,000 to 200 under consideration.

This year the agent I wanted told me I obviously had talent but this manuscript just didn’t stand out enough.

Two months ago I finished the last set of rewrites.

Yesterday I launched a Kickstarter to help me pay for a professional cover design and, should funds allow, a professonal copyedit.

One day very soon the first adventure of Leni Lightfingers will be published.