Last night some software saved my life…

It’s one thing publishing a book using the Amazon KDP system. It allows you to upload word docs and has step by step instructions that a monkey could follow. It’s a whole ‘nother thing realising that you promised people electronic copies as Kickstarter rewards in formats you have no earthly idea how to produce.

Luckily my Google-fu is strong and I was utterly unsurprised when my salvation came in the form of the best piece of writing software I have ever bought – Scrivenor.

I’m honestly not sure if anyone could ever praise Scrivenor enough. It’s like whomever that first person was to pair cheese with crackers or fish with chips. Scrivenor is the writing software. It’s the perfect writing partner with the one exception that it doesn’t get up to bring you another glass of wine.

It’s not just “the best writing software” or the “most helpful” product or the “greatest value for money ever” – it is the best thing to happen to writing on a computer since the invention of the damn computer.

It’s wonderful, it’s brilliant, it enabled me to edit and rewrite Lightfingers without losing my mind, and it’s only THIRTY QUID. Oh, and it enables export to epub and mobi files, hence my heartfelt hallelujahs that may have been heard all the way across the borough of Islington last night.

Seriously if you’re reading this and you write for fun or professional purposes at all, you need Scrivenor in your life.

And now that I’ve said all that I’m proud to say that all Kickstarter reward electronic copies of Lightfingers have now been sent out, so it’s on to the paper and hard back versions. Huzzah!


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